The natural choice for an exceptional Porsche

“We will exceed your expectations!”

A team of car enthusiasts, having finally realized a dream, that of sharing their passion in an appropriate place for the exchange of information and the proposal of quality vehicles, chosen for their history; as well as articles related to motorsport and the maintenance of exceptional vehicles.


here we are

A Porsche is unlike any other vehicle! And we are not like any other dealer. Exclusivity, the one you want to appeal to, it's at AUGUST PORSCHE  ADDICTION your Prestige garage you will find it.

Welcome to the world of automotive exception.

Our Mission

Beaucoup plus nothing but empty words, acts!
The road ahead is not free from trouble and obstacles.

We can make your automotive experience as smooth as possible.

A your service

AUGUST carefully restores and prepares the car adapted to your needs. Mechanics, Maintenance, Bodywork at the service of your precious Porsche.
We offer you the best of both worlds, If you want a quote, at AUGUST
there is no surprise.

AUGUST offers a complete “Refinishing” service for your Porsche.

Why nous

As a reseller of luxury and performance cars, we are here to “pamper” you.

We are proud of the quality of the Porsche vehicles we sell.

AUGUST PORSCHE ADDICTION has been affiliated since 2007, “Traxio / Federauto” and guarantees ALL its vehicles for 12 months.

Come discover your source of advice, parts and service.

“We put ourselves in“ Porsche ”for you”

Meet the team

The best things that happen in the corporate world are not the work of one man. It is the work of a whole team.

When two forces are joined, their effectiveness is twofold. (Issac Newton)

Staff Team

Stone Jambers

General manager

Pierre Breda

General manager

Why choose us…

There are many vehicle sales companies available both in Belgium and abroad, but most are not affected by the competition and fine mechanics virus such as AUGUST PORSCHE  ADDICTION, that's why was born in 2007 AUGUST , thus offering an original concept that is almost unique in Belgium for collectible Porsche enthusiasts.  AUGUST has built an image that is today a reference value. Sharp and specialized, the company based in Lasne is now a veritable sanctuary for Porsche enthusiasts with its historic air-cooled or more contemporary water-cooled models. A multifunctional space that meets all the requirements of an informed clientele who knows that at AUGUST the myth will always be respected there. 

Source of trust

Our customers are our benchmark. The increasing number of vehicles sold is equal to the interest that our customers have in us.

Thank you for your trust. 
Wide range of vehicles

Specializing in the purchase and sale of exceptional vehicles with a sporting temperament of all generations, nous put at your disposal, a large selection of used Porsches “AIR” and “EAU”.

The quality of the expertise. 
Faster purchase and sale

The vehicles pre-selected by us go through our efficient “purchasing structure”. Our control and inspection steps are very efficient. 

Time is money ... 
Porsche Passion Expertise

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