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Ferdinand Porsche

The history of the Porsche company begins in Böhmen, with the birth of Ferdinand Porsche in September 1875 in Maffersdorf.

1939 the programming of the Berlin-Rome race (1 500 km) gave him the opportunity to prepare for the test three copies of this KdF-Wagen, models known to Porsche and its engineers under the name of "Type 64".

356 Speedster: Porsche's first automobile production started in Gmünd, Austria, where only 49 of these aluminum Porsches were built.

Carrera Cabriolet: shortly before Porsche's 10e anniversary, the 356 had become one of the most respected sports cars in the world.

901: successor of the Porsche 356. Between the September 14 and the November 16 1964, 82 cars were built. Due to Peugeot's filing of designations with the 0 in the middle for its models, the Porsche 901 was renamed 911.

911 Turbo: At the Paris Motor Show, Porsche presents the 911 Turbo, the first production sports car with turbocharger and pressure regulator.

911 Carrera Speedster: In 1984, the 911 celebrated its 20 years. It had a lower chassis and flatter windshield and a simpler manual hood that folds under a fiberglass cover.

911: classic lines, although updated with plastic bumpers, with modern technology such as ABS 4x4 and electronic heating.

2007: AUGUST PORSCHE ADDICTION opens in Ohain its first space dedicated to the sale of used Porsche vehicles, mechanics and bodywork, to take care of your precious Porsches. Porsche 911: The sixth generation of the 911 series, the new 911 Turbo from 480 ch. The six-speed manual transmission requires 3,9 seconds, from 0 to 100 km / h.

911 Carrera 4S Coupe: The iconic Porsche 911 sports car celebrates its 50 years in 2013. Today's 911 still has many stories to tell. Heroic racial victories, emblematic deisgn, childhood dreams. And a timeless idea.

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